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Marland Backstop BC-MA
Formsprag Backstop Clutch
Marland Clutch CEBMAG Clutches

Marland Clutch

BC-MA Backstop

Units are designed to operate in gritty environments and provide positive roll back protection to equipment like inclined belt conveyors and bucket elevators, where reverse rotation must be prevented.

Torque range from 3,000 to 720,000 lb.ft.
Speed range from 0 to 300 RPM.

Features and Benefits

  • Long service life
  • Lower stresses
  • Full contact
  • Taconite seals
  • Positive triple sealing
  • Removable torque arm
  • Superior roller design

Formsprag Clutch

Backstop Clutch

Specially designed to provide positive roll back protection to equipment like inclined belt conveyors, where reverse rotation must be prevented.

Torque range from 300 to 700,000 lb.ft.
Speed range from 0 to 2,900 RPM.

Holdback Clutch Products

  • LLH Series
  • HSB Series
  • RSBW Series
  • FHB Series
  • HFB / VFB

Marland Clutch

CEBMAG Clutches

Automatic freewheeling allows emergency torque through reverse direction. Unit acts as a releasable torque absorbing backstop clutch to gently release great loads, such as a cement kiln.

  • Torque Capacity:500 lb.ft. to 4,000 lb.ft.
  • Completely Enclosed
  • Long Service Life
  • Continuously Self Lubricated
  • Two Brakes
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Formsprag HFB VFB Products
Formsprag FHB Product

Formsprag Clutch

HFB/VFB Fan Backstops

Models HFB and VFB are backstopping clutching designed to prevent reverse rotation of shafts in applications that have large shaft diameters of up to 6.0 inches and low backstopping torque requirements.

HFB & VFB backstops have Sprag clutch technology with high inner race overrunning speed, are ball bearing supported and protected with integral lip seals. The clutch housing is prevented from rotating with a torque arm and is mounted on a stub shaft with a locking ring for easy mounting. Clutches are selected by shaft size and torque requirement.

Formsprag Clutch

FHB External Backstops

Drop in replacement for competitor's design but with higher performance ratings.

The FHB backstop is mounted on a through-shaft with its inner race driven by a key, and its integral outer race torque arm prevented from rotating through a clearance fit interface with a fixed reaction pin. The reaction pin may also be used to provide axial restraint of the backstop on the rotating shaft.


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