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Wichita AquaMakks Water Cooled
Industrial Clutch HBA/HBS
LKB Spring Set Brakes

Wichita Clutch

AquaMakks Water Cooled

Air, hydraulic, or spring set actuated and water cooled design, featuring copper wear plates optimized for heavy-duty continuous slip tension applications

AquaMaKKs™ consist of a series of alternating friction discs and water jackets. Torque is transmitted by applying axial force from the pneumatic, hydraulic, or spring set actuator. Copper wear plates are used for excellent heat dissipation

AquaMaKKs provides accurate torque control for constant tensioning and are perfectly suited for marine deck machinery applications

Industrial Clutch

HBA/HBS Brakes

Air or Hydraulically Actuated Brakes Spring-Set Air or Hydraulically Released

The Model HBA brake is an oil immersed, air or hydraulically set brake designed to be mounted on a drive train shaft extension.

The Model HBS brake is identical to the Model HBA brake except the unit is designed to be spring-set and hydraulically or pneumatically released.

Industrial Clutch

LKB Spring Set Brakes

These low inertia spring set, air release motor brakes feature a high torque, low energy design, provide quick, smooth stopping and are ideal for fail-safe protection of process equipment.

Rugged design and large thermal load dissipation make these units very popular in the mining industry.

Product Features

  • Long lining life
  • Stable friction coefficients
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Low inertia contribution to system
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Wichita Mistral Air-Cooled Brake
Kopper Kool Clutches and Brakes
Wichita Modevo Air-Cooled Tension Brakes

Wichita Clutch

Mistral Air-Cooled Tension Brake

Specifically designed to meet the demanding tensioning requirements of the corrugated industry, Mistral brakes provide consistent tension control and faster line speeds (up to 1480 ft./min.). Torque range exceeding 15,900 in.lbs.

  • Modular actuation and choice of friction co-efficient to provide excellent controllability
  • Fully Guarded
  • Integral cooling fan for long life
  • Visual wear indicators
  • 3 bolt mounting and easy service connections
  • Air applied brake

Wichita Clutch

Kopper Kool™ Clutches & Brakes

The KK is designed for high-energy continuous slipping applications. It is suitable for end-shaft or through-shaft mounting

Water-cooled brake with the cooling water contained within water jackets

Copper plates quickly transfer the heat away from the friction surfaces to give good control and long life

The friction surfaces are dry running

Air applied brake with full circle friction discs

Air and water connections are stationary


Wichita Clutch

Modevo Air-Cooled Tension Brakes

The ModEvo brake disc was developed at the Bedford, UK factory using Finite Element Analysis techniques to ensure maximum strength with minimum weight.

Modevo brakes provide smooth control at line speeds in excess of 2,000 ft./min.

These bi-directional brakes have a high heat dissipation capacity (2.8 - 5 Kw).

Torque capacity from 659 lb.ft. to 3,181 lb.ft.


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