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Offshore Oil Platform Mooring Winches

Product: AquaMaKKs Water Cooled Brakes

Wichita Clutch shipped its first AquaMaKKs brakes with composite water jackets in late 2008 and early 2009 to provide heavy-duty tension control on new mooring winches being installed on retrofitted offshore oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. The newest brakes in the Kopper Kool family were redesigned to provide up to 3,400 HP which is 35% more thermal horsepower absorption than the industry’s previous leader in the category. This is important as platform owners upgrade to larger anchoring systems to combat hurricane forces in the Gulf and throughout the world.

The brakes are designed with a reduced part count for simplified maintenance and easier disassembly and reassembly. The non-metallic, composite water jackets are the first in the industry, and offer the best corrosion resistance available on a winch brake. Marine-grade materials and finishes are also standard which provide cost advantages over competitive units that require expensive optional equipment for corrosion protection in the harsh offshore environment.

The AquaMaKKs shim design makes it easy to maintain and adjust for wear, and a unique mounting pattern enables direct replacement to Wichita or competitors’ units, requiring no design changes for the customer. The combination of new engineering solutions makes AquaMaKKs ideal for field retrofits, rebuilds or new OEM applications.

In this application, the customer specified the 36-inch model with two copper wear plates. Designs with up to four copper friction discs are available, with optional HICO friction material that provides up to 50% higher torque.


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Wichita Clutch AquaMakks Water Cooled Brakes


Special Features

  • Highest heat dissipation in the industry
  • Simplified design for easy disassembly, reassembly
  • Simplified design for easy disassembly, reassembly
  • Marine-grade materials standard; no options needed
  • Mounting patternenables replacement with no design change

Mooring of Sub-Sea Oil Exploration Rigs

Product: Wichita Kopper Kooled Brakes

Wichita Clutch Kopper Kooled Brakes are used on semi-submersible oil rigs for both dynamic tensioning and static holding of mooring cables that keep the exploration rigs in position during drilling. These self-propelled platforms can drill to depths of 2,400 meters but must remain stationary for an extended period; thus a mooring pattern is laid with 8-16 heavy anchoring cables laid from each of 4 corners.

For positioning, ships transport the anchor cables up to 6 km in length from the rig. In this dynamic mode, payout of the cables has to be controlled. The brakes control the payout of the cable at typical speeds of 40m/minute, generating 250 tons of cable tension.

Each corner of the platform is typically equipped with two mooring winches which, traditionally, need two secondary brakes – one for static holding once the anchors are laid and another slipping brake to control the payout during mooring. Dual  acting, water-cooled Wichita Clutch Kopper Kool brakes perform both functions. The result is that each corner winch requires only one secondary brake.

Patented jacket design and copper wear plates provide precise tensioning/stopping capabilities with very high heat dissipation in dynamic mode. Once the anchors are laid, the multiple spring actuator in the brake is applied for static holding. Pneumatic disengagement of the static holding brake is designed as fail safe if issues arise during mooring.


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Wichita Clutch Kopper Kooled Brakes


Special Features

  • One brake does the job of two
  • Up to 200,000 Nm of torque – with 50%

     increase if required

  • Patented jackets coupled with copper wear plates

    for precise stopping/ tensioning capability

  • Very high heat dissipation

Drilling Rig Drawworks

Product: Wichita Dual Actuator AquaMaKKs Brake

A major drawworks manufacturer asked Wichita to provide a simplified,  cost-effective dual-function braking solution for use on land-based drilling rigs.  In response, Wichita supplied an AquaMaKKs™ water-cooled brake featuring a  dual-action assembly that provides both spring-set failsafe parking and precision  tension braking capability in one unitized assembly.

The application required a primary static parking brake with a torque rating  sufficient to hold 750,000 lbs. on 12 lines. For the dynamic tensioning mode,  Wichita’s patented balanced flow water jackets can absorb up to 3,400 HP,  allowing faster operation when compared to competitive units.

Wichita’s unique, non-metallic composite water jackets are impervious to severe corrosion which can be caused by poor water quality found in some oil field brake cooling systems. The composite jackets also provide a significant weight reduction compared to competitive units while allowing easier handling and transportation. The AquaMaKKs units utilize copper wear plates for greater heat absorption and require only one type of friction material for reduced spare part inventory. The AquaMaKKs dual-actuator assembly is designed to allow fast and easy retrofit onto existing single actuator brakes with minimal downtime.


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Special Features

  • Unique dual-action head assembly provides: Primary spring-set failsafe parking and precision tensioning
  • Non-corrosive composite water jackets for reduced weight
  • 750,000 lbs. static torque, 3,400 HP dynamic tensioning
  • Simple visual inspection and easy maintenance
  • Dual actuator assembly can be easily retrofit onto existing single actuator brakes

Coal-Fired Power Plant

Product: Formsprag LLH Holdbacks

A large coal-fired power plant was experiencing problems with lip seal degradation on their oil lubricated holdbacks. The lip seals are designed to prevent airborne contaminants from reaching internal seals and parts. With multiple inclined and overland coal conveyor systems located throughout the facility, it became difficult for maintenance crews to keep up with the required lip seal lubrication schedule. The resulting lip seal degradation led to an increase in costly downtime.

To solve the problem, new grease-filled Formsprag LLH (Long Life Holdback)  models were installed as replacements to older Formsprag and competitive oil lubricated units. The facility manager expects a significant improvement in productivity since maintenance will not be required on the new LLH units as they already use grease lubrication (grease used for both internal lube and grease labyrinth seal areas).

LLH Series backstopping clutches are designed for use on conveyor headshafts, bucket elevators, or any other machinery where reverse rotation must be positively prevented. LLH units come ready to install and are equipped with a one-piece, quickly detachable torque arm.

A variety of LLH model sizes are utilized at the facility with torque capacities  ranging from 4,000 to 135,000 in.lbs. and maximum overrunning speeds from 130 to 400 RPM. The largest units are mounted on two conveyor systems with  60" wide belts that move 1,100 tons/hr on each belt.

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Formsprag LLH Holdback Backstopping Clutch


Special Features

  • Oil lubed LLH holdbacks replaced with grease lubricated models
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime
  • Eight older Formsprag and competitor units replaced
  • Torque capacities ranging from 4,000 to 135,000 in.lbs
  • Maximum overrunning speeds from 130 to 400 RPM






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