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Stieber RSCI Overrunning Clutch
Formsprag General Overrunning Clutches
Formsprag CSK Clutch

Stieber Clutch


Type RSCI is a centrifugal lift off sprag type freewheel with the inner race rotating. Only the inner race is designed for freewheeling.

Bearings must be provided to ensure concentricity of the inner and outer races and support axial and radial loads, as shown on the application example.

The RSCI type accepts all types of lubricants currently used in power transmission equipment. It is possible to mount these freewheels directly in gear-boxes without separate lubrication.

Formsprag Clutch

General Overrunning Clutches

Available in several self-contained standard bearing configurations for overrunning, backstopping and indexing applications

Overrunning Clutch Products

  • Ball Bearing Supported Designs Ball
  • Sleeve Bearing Supported Designs
  • Bearing Envelope Designs
  • Building Block Designs
  • External Bearing Required Designs
  • Special Purpose Designs
  • Clutch Coupling Designs
  • In-Line Mounting Ball Bearing

Torque range from 1.5 to 27,000 lb.ft.
Overrunning speeds from 0 to 15,000 RPM.

Formsprag Clutch

CSK Clutches

CSK Series Indexing Clutches are sprag type clutches integrated into a 62 Series ball bearing (except sizes 8 and 40). They are bearing supported, shipped grease lubricated and protected against dust larger than .012" (.3mm) diameter.

They are available with additional lip seals (-2RS) for enhanced sealing, as well as, with a key way on the inner ring (-P) or the inner and outer ring (-PP) for additional ease of installation.

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