Altra HDOCB Solutions

360° Engineering & Design Support

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive
design, engineering and testing support...
available around the world.
Engineering & Design Support

The well recognized brands of Altra Industrial Motion's Heavy Duty & Overrunning Clutch Brake Group (HDOCB) are multinational designers and producers of advanced pneumatic, hydraulic mechanical and electromechanical power transmission solutions.

360° Engineering & Design Support

Over our many decades of experience, we have developed a comprehensive 360˚ approach to providing our customers with an unmatched level of design, engineering and testing support.

Customer Requirements

It all begins with obtaining and understanding our customers expectations. This can happen in a number of ways including the use of online data forms, customer conferences or on-site visits.

Product Selection and Sizing

Once armed with the application parameters, the process of determining which specific Altra product solution meets the customer’s performance requirements can begin.

Design Simulation and Testing

The most advanced engineering tools available are utilized for product design and testing. To meet customer demand, we continue to expand their global in-house testing capabilities, which are among the most extensive in the industry.



Data Analysis and Sharing

Utilizing electronic data acquisition, our engineering teams work closely with our customers to analyze all test results. In some cases, we can securely share real time test results directly with our customers. This open, collaborative approach allows for all parties to be aware of actual performance characteristics prior to field installation.

Installation Support

Our engineering teams are strategically located around the world to provide comprehensive customer support,
ensuring efficient and successful product mounting and installation.

Field Performance Check

Our engineers are available to conduct remote or on-site field evaluations to help customers obtain
optimum performance from our products.






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