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Our broad in-house testing capability allows for shortened product development cycles.

Each brand has the capability to rapidly produce prototype units for test and evaluation by customers, or by using our own in-house, full scale testing equipment to simulate the operating conditions of a specific client-defined application. In combination with electronic data acquisition, we can accelerate the design, testing and verification processes in order to meet the demands of shortened product development cycles.

Temperature and Immersion Testing

Altra clutches and brakes are required to perform in some
of the most extreme conditions around the world. Our
sophisticated, custom-designed climate control chamber
lets us subject our brakes to temperatures from -75 to
180˚C at 10-95% rh. Our new immersion stand will allow us to test the performance of our products underwater.

Wired for Success

The majority of our test stands are wired into
one central control lab where we utilize sophisticated
data acquisition software to run multiple test protocols

Test Capabilities

  • Constant Tension
  • E-Stop
  • Dynamic Braking
  • Start/Stop
  • Wet Clutch/Brake Cycling
  • Variable Drive Cycling
  • Static Torque
  • Inertia Stop

The largest rig in the industry

To meet growing customer demand, Wichita Clutch
recently invested in a new, large capacity test stand.
The rig is comprised of state-of-the-art VACON variable
frequency drives that operate two motor/gearbox
drivetrains allowing for coordinated simultaneous testing
of two clutch/brakes at 1,500HP each or a single clutch/
brake at 3000HP. No other clutch/brake manufacturer
has a test stand this large that can accurately simulate
customer usage.

The new test stand was recently used to burnish the
brakes for a customer who was installing them in an
offshore application. The customer received the brakes,
installed them, and was up and running much faster
than previously would have been possible.

Ensuring Long Lasting Performance

A fatigue test room at our Twiflex facility, allows us to test caliper brakes up to 2,000,000 cycles at 280 bar, 2 kW dissipation on four modular stations. This enables us to provide accurate thruster performance and friction material wear data which minimizes the risks of downtime.

In-House Testing Apparatus

  • Constant Tension Braking
  • High Energy Braking
  • Dynamic Brake/Clutch (in-line mounted)
  • Start/Stop Cycling (flywheel mounted)
  • Wet Clutch/Brake Cycling (flywheel mounted)
  • (2) Constant Tension Braking
  • Static Torque
  • Inertia Stop









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